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Gillian Reimers

Certificate II in Hospitality

Attaining a Certificate II in Hospitality grew from the suggestion to complete a coffee course. Complimenting a previous qualification and also one currently being studied, the certificate opens another sector for me to gain employment.

Clearly evident is the lecturers enjoyment of the hospitality industry and their role. Kate Wills guiding and introducing a variety of avenues to consider, along with safety issues affecting hospitality and Sandy Neary providing and highlighting the very necessary foundation skills, on which to build quality service.

Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School not only provided a timetable to complete all contact modules when my other studies were in holiday recess, but also offered them individually in an easily accessible location, with access to resources and assistance required to complete chosen certificates.

Yazzy Regnier

My name is Yasmin, I decided to do my cert 2 in hospitality to gain more work. I continued my study into management because I have a passion for learning and teaching others.

My study has assisted me to gain work on the front desk of a large hotel with the possibility of going overseas with the work I do. While I was looking for work the lectures where always looking out for new job offers and helping me to get interviews with the local businesses.

I now work fulltime hours and with the assistance of the lectures I am still able to study my diploma in Hospitality externally through the new online system. The online learning system is new to the school but it is so easy to use and means I don’t need to make time to go into the city whenever I finish a unit. I can just press the submit button and email my lecture to be enrolled into more units. It also means if I’m stuck on a unit I can move on to the next one until I have spoken with my lecture.

With the online system I am able to study whenever I have free time. This has made it so much easier to study while working and all it takes is an hour or so each night and you get it done. The best this is I still get to have a life even with all the work and study I do.

A lot of people think that by studying externally you don’t get as much help but the lectures at this school are in continuous email and phone contact to make sure you are understand the units. There is always someone at the school able to assist when you need it and you can also meet with your lecture for more assistance.

The thing I enjoy most about this school is I can work fulltime while studying but still have all the help I need with any questions, without being in a classroom. I have attended classes at the school which I enjoyed but found I learnt faster through external study and the hours I now work would not have allowed me to continue classes.

The advice I would give to people thinking of studying at the Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School would be to speak with the lectures. I had first intended to join the classes and only do my cert 3 but after talking to Kate I discovered I could learn more from external study and working in the same field. I’m not saying external study is for everyone but if you talk to the lectures they will be able to help you decide what is best for you.
Studying shouldn’t be a task. You need to enjoy what you are studying or you will not enjoy the job it leads to. Hospitality isn’t just about pooring a beer or waiting tables, there is so much more to it than that. Yes that is where it starts but it can lead to so many other things. Just speak with the lectures to find out more.

Bonnie Lynch - Bar Attendant

The Office Bar, Pirie Street Adelaide

Traineeship: Certificate III in Hospitality

My reason for studying was so that I could learn more about the hospitality industry and also get more experience and so that I could get my responsible persons badge/ gaming badge.

As a result of study I now know a lot more about the hospitality industry and have a lot more experience.

What I most enjoyed about my experience was learning new things, so that my experience with my career can go further.

It was very simple to understand there was a lot of useful information brought up and explained to the group. I think I learned a lot from this study.

My advice for those studying at the Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School is that it is a very useful class and you gain a lot of knowledge. It is a very easy learning curve and the trainers are very friendly and willing to help when needed.

My work placement lead to employment opportunities within the hospitality industry and I have gained a lot of skills that have become very useful

Jayde Clarke

Certificate II in Hospitality

I enjoyed the course because it was a friendly, relaxed environment which made it a comfortable place to learn.

The trainers are very nice and approachable, they make sure you understand what they are teaching you and have your best interests in mind.

The reason I studied was to get more qualifications so I could have knowledge of all aspects of the industry, and get a job in the industry while I am completing more studying as the industry can be quite flexible with working hours.

I would encourage you to complete the course and get the most out of it as you can because it is you who will gain from it.

My work placement gave me experience on the job and I gained more skills and helpful hints while doing it.

Blake Mooney

Certificate II in Hospitality

I began studying at Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School to gain qualification and experience within the industry. I still expected to find it difficult to find employment once completing the education. This proved quite the opposite with AHTS helping me out. Within weeks of finishing my Certificate II, I had signed up to a traineeship. The employment was significant thanks to the trainers and staff at the Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School. The content that I learnt within the lessons was relevant and could easily be carried into the job. Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School was a great boost in helping me get a job and I would strongly suggest to anyone who is looking for either education or employment within the hospitality industry to consider the school.

Lauren Scherr

Certificate II in Hospitality - Operations

The Adelaide Hospitality & Tourism School has been fulfilling and enlightening in all aspects.

As enjoyable as learning can be, I've actually found participating in the Certificate II course more interesting than I would have thought. Along with a relaxed atmosphere, sociable classmates, up to date information, job prospects, common hospitality knowledge and having lecturers teach the classes with lengthy backgrounds in their field, gave a true perspective of what goes on in the industry.

Although I'm not a fan of early starts, its well worth the certificate acquired at the end!

I'm glad I stumbled on the advert in the newspaper; I pursued the course and hope it will help me on the track to my goal of a career in hospitality. I'd definitely recommend this school to others and I've no doubt that they would gain the same fulfillment as I have.

Simon Ball

Responsible Service of Alcohol

I attended the RSA 1 day course and found it to be very practical and I gained essential knowledge to be able to work in the industry. In fact I got a casual job the next day as a result of completing my training and the contacts the school has.

Matthew Hesiod

Shangri-la Hotel, Wuhan, China

Certificate IV in Hospitality - Supervision

While studying Certificate IV in Hospitality Operations, the Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School provided me with the flexibility and support that I needed to balance my efforts with my additional studies in Chinese Mandarin. On request, responsibility was given to me to manage my own learning, at my own pace. I undertook my hospitality studies at home which gave me the ability to build from scratch, a platform which I could launch a career within an international hotel chain.

My distance learning approach did not in any way limit the attention or support that I received during the duration of my studies. I was designated a personal facilitator/mentor that assisted me during my development. Throughout my time at the school, my facilitator went out of his way to accommodate and help me to strategise additional approaches to supplement my learning and extend my professional development.

What impressed me the most about the school was the staff’s attitudes towards their roles in mentoring their students, rather than just simply being teachers of the curriculum. Every effort was made by my facilitator to spend time with me to coach and mentor me regarding my studies and career development options outside of normal class schedules.

The staff at the Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School bring together a wide variety of international knowledge and experience from the hospitality and tourism sectors. This insight was passed on to me which nurtured my progress and helped me to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of what my full potential could be.

Whether it is a local or an international career that one aspires to, future students of the Adelaide Hospitality and Tourism School can expect to gain invaluable knowledge and skills to aid them in their personal and professional aspirations and development.

Tracey Ann Bridgen

The Lakes Resort Hotel

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

I completed my Certificate III in Hospitality (Operations) recently and have now decided to continue my studies by pursuing the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management. The units I have completed so far have given me an invaluable practical and theoretical understanding of the hospitality industry and have helped me update my skills and knowledge for use in my workplace.

The course information was excellent. All study materials and workbooks were up to date and highly relevant to my day-to-day work within the industry. The course has helped me to advance myself in my current role and has opened doors for me to work in different areas like gaming, conferences and functions.

Throughout my studies at your school I have found the educational staff always willing to help with any questions or problems I have had with the workload. The assistance that I have received from both Kristy and Austin has been exceptional. I want to personally thank you for your assistance in helping me achieve my Certificate III in Hospitality and I look forward to working with Austin in achieving my Advanced Diploma.

Cassie Field

Certificate II in Hospitality - Operations

I have just completed the 4-week Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations) course and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only has the course improved my hospitality skills but has also broadened my knowledge of the industry.

I now have the confidence to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

Thank you!

Thomas Passarini

Certificate I in Hospitality

Introduction to Hospitality in the Certificate I course gave me a good overview of many aspects of the workplace. I'm really looking forward to doing the Bar and Dining course.

Sacha Crookall

Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

The course gave me all the skills I need to work in a coffee shop.

Margot McCudden

Certificate II in Hospitality

I have worked in the hospitality industry for many years and now in order to get a job it is necessary for me to have certificates. AHTS has been a fantastic learning environment in which to attain these.


Bar and Dining Course

Having had various part-time jobs in the hospitality industry, I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to refresh and expand my skills through this course. I was also given the opportunity to explore and experience what it would be like to work behind the bar. I greatly enjoyed the experience.

Richard Milman

Bar and Dining Course

Learning about bar and dining is great and I got a lot of information about different parts of the bar and working behind a bar. Our teacher, Nora, was wonderful at giving everyone a chance to speak and give their views.

Thank you AHTS!

Jack Mason

Bar and Dining Course

Great course, worth every cent! The course made me want to learn more. Insightful and helpful instructors who assist you all the way. The course is well organised and presented. It was the perfect mix of fun and learning.

Ren Tingwan

Enjoy the up to date information and practices in the real world. Knowing more is always good. It is school where teachers have open mind, willing to help, patience to listen and cheering for any reply.

From students, even the receptionist Mary is nice and reply email soon. You can feel they do care! No matter who you are and where you come first.


Bar and Dining Course

This course is really awesome! We gained general knowledge and real practical skills from the course.

Will Cutts

Certificate I in Hospitality

It was a very fulfilling course. I enjoyed the surroundings and the atmosphere was extremely friendly. My teacher was knowledgeable and had first hand experience so she could relate to the course. The other students I met were great too so it made the week fun.

Margot Mccudden

I have worked in a hospitality industry for many years & now in order to get a job I have to have certificates. AHTS has been a fantastic learning environment in which to attain these.

Thomas Passarini

Introduction to hospitality for certificate 1 gave me a good overview of many aspects in the workplace and I am really looking forward to Bar & Dining course. Thanks.

Sacha Crookall

The prepare Espresso course gave me all the skills I need to work in a coffee shop.


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